Prepared Postpartum Workshop


Get Ready For The 4th Trimester

​​Your birth plan may be written and the nursery is set up.

But do you know who's going to take care of you? If not, this class is for you and all of the other expecting parents who are wondering how to juggle it all and still have some me time.

Now it’s time to prepare for navigating life after the baby arrives.

The fourth trimester is uniquely demanding. This Prepared Postpartum Workshop you will create your plan for a postpartum experience that is:

  • intuitive
  • supported
  • nourishing

So that you can navigate what needs to be done, and still get a little bit of me time.

During this workshop we’ll discuss the why and how of supporting your body and mind in the weeks after birth, as well as the keystones of newborn care, with a focus on receiving what you need to recover, bond, and adapt after bringing baby home.

In this parenting class we will cover:

  • What life will be like with a newborn.
  • The six states of infant consciousness.
  • Connecting your experience to your values.
  • How to juggle it all and when to get help.
  • Your family goals, priorities, and questions.
  • Look at your support people and how to tap into their strengths.

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